A Loan Interest Calculator is a tool or program that helps individuals or businesses calculate the interest they will pay on a loan. It allows users to input the principal amount (the initial loan amount), the interest rate (the percentage charged by the lender), and the loan duration (the time period over which the loan will be repaid).

Loan Interest Calculator

Monthly Instalment:

Total Amount Due:

Total Interest:

The calculator then performs calculations to determine the total interest amount that will be paid over the loan term and often provides the total amount due, including both the principal and the interest. This helps borrowers understand the financial implications of taking out a loan and allows them to plan their repayment strategy accordingly.



Loan Interest Calculators are widely used in personal finance, banking, and lending institutions. They are beneficial for borrowers as they provide a clear picture of the cost of borrowing and assist in making informed decisions about loans. They can be used for various types of loans, such as mortgages, car loans, personal loans, or business loans.